Look into those curious eyes.

I have been tutoring Mathematics to a 12-year old kid for two months now. I never thought I would be the one benefiting the most from this experience. I have developped a very friendly relationship with my student. He got attached to me and I also look forward to meeting him every week. He is always eager to tell me how his week was and I often enjoy our conversation more than our geometrical problems. He now knows that I like espressos for coffee and often greets me in his room with a cup ready on the side. Whenever I see him reasoning and learning, I try to remember if there has ever been a more meaningful moment in my life. I often find myself not being able to come up with anything that would even come to close to the truth I experience while teaching. If one was to ask me to describe feelings and emotions I go through while looking at my student’s curious eyes every time he asks me a question, I would probably sum up those moments with one sentence : ‘Every time a kid asks me a question and I succeed at quenching his curiosity, I feel I have given him a part of my soul that will live on as long as he does, even after I no longer exist.


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