In the wilderness of the quest leading to You

Contemplating dunes devoid of any meaning

In the deserts of its ego’s self woven illusions

Whose flapping echo their fragile uncertainty

The wayfarer begins to look for enlightenment

From a light that instilled the fire that burns him

He loses his mind in the stillness of this trance

As his spirit spirals around the oneness of your being

Veils start to fall only when his soul starts to rise

It is when he frees himself from ties that cage him

To a life where he exists only through foreign eyes

That the lost wanderer seeking You, Himself he finally


Lovers of Hussain (a.s)


Their face gets enlightened when the father’s hand was raised

Their hands beat their chest when the son’s head was raised.

They shed rivers of happiness when khyber’s door was lifted

They shed oceans of sorrow when zainab’s veil was lifted

They are lovers of Hussain, their lamentations never fade

They are Zahra’s prayers, how can her prayer ever fade?

History teaches us a lesson, Their love will never cease

Hussain’s thirst is in their mind, how can their thirst ever cease?

Reza, At the name of Hussain, on the paper, your pen spirals

Like your blood, which around your heart, at his name always spirals

The days of the black flag are coming


When water becomes ashamed of the one thirst it couldn’t quench
When rain starts to weep remembering the one day it couldn’t cry

When the blowing wind whispers cries of an orphaned daughter
When subtle cracking branches carry the sound of a last goodbye

When the sight of a new born reminds you of a piercing arrow
When the sun starts to shine, yet darkness is about to spread

When birds become restless, when sadness lodges your eyes
You will know that the days of mourning our heroes are coming

When fallen leaves of autumn become motionless on the ground
When their colors remind you of the crushed dreams of a young man

When clouds start to gather, encircling a shining moon
When stars start to dim, when shadows disappears

You will know that nights spent naming our martyrs are upon us
You will know that days spent hailing the free ones are coming

And if ever, one day, your smile brings your father to tears
You will know for sure, that the days of the black flag are coming

Labbayk Ya Hussain!