The King of Khorassan


In few days, I will embark in a journey of Wayfaring and self discovery that will inshallah take me back to the land of Imam Reza (a.s) in Mashhad.

Conscious of the fact no light can enter a heart darkened by strokes of a self woven ego, a soul filled with grudges and heavied by resentment, I request everyone of you to forgive me for any unkind word that I might have uttered, or any behavior that would make my imam disapprove of my presence in his holy abode.

You will all be in my thoughts and prayers. If you have any specific request I will be more than humbled to convey them. Needless to say that if you need anything from Iran, be it a book, a flying carpet, a magical ring or just the regular sohan halva/zaffron combination, I will try my best to fulfill your wish. 

I will finish with a poem written for Imam Reza:

The King of Khorassan
Ya Ar-Ridha! How can you be the Stranger of Tus
When every Soul I met called you the King of Khorasan

How can you be ‘Al Gharib’ – The stranger
And Yet inspire every soul passing by your shrine

Ya Imam, how can you be known as the loneliest of the twelve
And yet, your name is the cure for our utmost sollitude

Ya Mawla, My greatest wealth, is to be named after you
My greatest achievement is to have sent blessings upon you

My heart longs to sit besides you, in the mosque of GoharShad
To be able to gaze at your shrine while whispering those words

On a blessed Thursday night, My heart and my tears together united
Would join millions of others, on your gate, Ya bab al Hawaej

My love for you is so deeply entangled with my soul ;
That my blood circumbulates my heart at the rythm of your name

Each of my tear carries an unspoken prayer
Each of my breath writes in the wind my last will

I want to sail on the oceans my eyes have shed on our separation
Like flying petals I want to be carried towards your gardens ya Imam

My spirit is entranced as I dream of the golden dome
Like a wandering fragrance aching for the flower it came from