Seeking God in The Extraordinary


With each passing day, when you stare at memories accumulated on the blackboard of your existence, you realize that most if not all moments worth writing were simple in nature.

 These moments are often so benign and seemingly empty of any meaning that you don’t even live them fully when they actually occur. You greet them like one replies to salutations from a stranger on the street, not letting those experiences penetrate the core of your being. More often than not, it is only when the stranger has long but walked by, that you stop and smile. And when you look back, to decipher the silhouette of the face you just ignored, its reality has already faded and it is now alive only through a roughly painted picture on the canvas of your past experiences.

How unfortunate is it that we live moments through their memories more than we do when do they actually occur. How can we live words written more than we live words when writing them. How can one live a life living each moments only when they are all but gone?

Sometimes, I feel like we have defined our existence in measures that do not suit its reality. It’s as if we were all but waiting for a miracle to take place, for an extraordinary story to happen to us. And in the longing of this prophecy we have self written and read, we ignore the present, thinking about a brighter future, only to realize that there was something extraordinary, in the ‘ordinary’ we just ignored. Life itself is a miracle. You walking on the earth is nothing but extraordinary. Every breath of yours is a gentle stroke of God on the book of your life. And If you listen carefully to the promise God has made with your soul, in each seemingly ordinary moment that passes by, you will realize that He has hidden enough wisdom for you to write a lifetime about it.

The quest to Allah may be unlimited, but your time on earth surely isn’t. So cherish every moments of your life my friend. Do not look for God only where you think he is for He is the most present where you expect him the least. Right in those tiny, little, insignificant moments you have been ignoring all your life, in between every breath you took for granted, remember him sincerely and the breeze of mercy will surprise your existence. Call upon him and He will answer. This is the only truth one always needs to remember, in the meantime, in between time.


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