Tawakul, Fana and Soul Conversation


Listen to the sweetness of Nabi Yusuf’s loneliness while praising the Almighty in the depth of the well. Look at the smoothness of Nabi Ibrahim’s arm as it came down when he chose the love of God over the love of his son. Experience Nabi Yunus’ whispers echoing in the depth of oceans. Gaze at Nabi Nuh’s shining eyes when remembering his Lord in the middle of the storm.

Love the way we have known it is not enough my dear soul, for Allah fully reveals himself only to those who put their trust in him. Tell me, was Nabi Nuh saved because of his reliance on his physical ability to navigate through stormy weathers?  Far from it! Nabi Nuh was saved by Allah because he had ‘tawakkul’ on the promise his Lord had made to him. Allah saved him because unlike others, he relied on the creator of the storm more than he relied on the laws of nature regulating the storm itself.

Remember that It is because Nabi Nuh had the capacity to have tawakkul while navigatng through his internal storms, that Allah made him conquer them in the external realm. So if you ever find yourself lost, my deal soul, in the hollow of your own depth, wandering aimlessly on an endless night, do not rely on the sole vision of your eyes to guide you towards His light. Remember that some deserts are only crossed when relying on the sight of your heart and the sincerity of your trust.

So love your Lord dearly my friend, love him sincerely. Drown yourself in this ocean of mercy, for in this ocean of love, drowning only will bring you back to life.

Painting : ‘Là où vivent les corps sauvages’ by Amanpreet Badhwar


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